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With clinical mass spectrometry detection technology as the core, EXPECLIN (a subsidiary of Expec Technology) provides mass spectrum hardware and supporting personalized products, clinical medical sample detection, in vitro diagnostic kit products and application technology, clinical research cooperation and other services, and has launched the domestically developed PreMed 5200 ultra-high performance liquid chromatography-triple quadrupole mass spectrometry detection system, PreMed 7000 inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry detection system, as well as a wealth of mass spectrometry detection kits and consumables.

A Complete Set of Clinical Mass Spectrometry Solutions

 · Mass spectroscope with completely independent intellectual property (LC-MS/MS, ICP-MS)

 · Self-developed supporting equipment (automatic mass spectrum pretreatment system, rapid sample injection module, automatic sampler, circulating cooling system, etc.)

 · Mature and stable matching detection reagents (endogenous hormone series, nutritional level testing series, therapeutic drug testing series, fertility maternity series, trace element series, etc.)

 · Professional customization services (laboratory design guidance, auxiliary equipment selection, technical personnel training, manufacturer advanced training class, etc.)

 · Complete project management system output (equipment maintenance, quality control management, inter-room quality evaluation guidance, laboratory management system establishment guidance, etc.)

 · Scientific research cooperation (group cooperative learning, achievement transformation, new technology platform development, etc.)

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Life sciences
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